Community Outreach Corps

Helping Governments and Nonprofits Bring Service Directly to People

Our Mission

The mission of the Community Outreach Corps is to transform how governments and non-profits deliver critical resources to constituents that need them the most. To accomplish that, COC leverages its capacity and critical relationships nationwide to bridge the gap between governments and communities everywhere. Our mission is executed through our data-driven, peer-to-peer community outreach model, designed to be scalable, adaptable, and customizable to individual community needs.

In every initiative, COC strives to:

Ensure equitable delivery of critical resources to residents, prioritizing historically excluded and hard-to-reach communities.

Collaborate and coordinate with local stakeholders to increase the impact and awareness of our outreach.

Demonstrate that the government works for the people; facilitate engagement between communities and their government.

Increase utilization of federal and philanthropic funding through direct, targeted outreach. 

Meet Our Team

Catherine Pasqualoni

Catherine Pasqualoni is a seasoned operative with over a decade of experience designing, developing, and implementing large-scale community outreach programs in every corner of the United States, specializing in hard-to-reach and hard-to-engage populations. Her decade of campaign work provided her with deep experience managing complex, multi-faceted programs with budgets totaling tens of millions of dollars and a passion for creating sustainable change through organizing that centers local communities. She brings that experience and campaign hustle to her current work connecting individuals with critical government and philanthropic resources. 

Catherine began her career doing advocacy work for a local progressive organization in her home state of Connecticut. Since then, she has worked in nearly every major city in the United States, as well as rural communities spanning the Southwest through Appalachia. 

Catherine resides in Washington, DC, and manages the day-to-day operations of Community Outreach Corps in her capacity as Board President.

Mungu Sanchez

Mungu Sanchez started his career in his early 20s as a Pennsylvania House of Representatives staffer. During his time there, he quickly realized his passion for rallying behind critical social issues to improve the quality of life for people within his community. In the intervening decades, he worked on dozens of massive organizing drives from the Mississippi Delta to the urban Midwest and industrial Northeast.

Mungu strives to be a part of the solution, working closely with communities affected by various socioeconomic issues and as a key player in local government. He believes in organizing people to effectively open the doors to better opportunities and that politics should always be a catalyst for positive change. He has decades of experience with activism and organizing and has had a strong impact in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA. Mungu currently serves as the Director of Community Organizing for the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters.

James Gee

James Gee has spent his entire life in service to the public. He served as Deputy Chief of Staff in New Jersey for the McGreevey Administration as well as a senior adviser to Governor Corzine, Senator Booker, and Governor Murphy.

He is most proud of his work creating the Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls and the Emergency Task Force on Black Youth Suicide alongside Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman to draw attention to overlooked issues in the community. In these roles, he always sought opportunities to craft legislation to make government services available to those most in need. His work registering voters and designing and implementing strategies to reach and proactively engage historically excluded communities extends from the most local levels of government into the halls of Congress and the West Wing.

James has worked on countless state, local and federal races nationwide. He is known for creating outside-the-box opportunities in his advocacy, continuously integrating the latest technology and most innovative data collection and communications methods to remain ahead of the curve. James is as comfortable speaking with those who occupy the inner circles of power in Washington as he is talking with your neighbor.

Before founding Stono Public Affairs, Gee served as Chief of Staff to Bonnie Watson Coleman.

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